The 2014 Challenge has now entered its final week of entries which will close on Friday, 7th March @ 17:00. If you haven’t entered yet, be sure to do so via the online entry process by Friday.

Key announcement:

Top 100 will be releasing their all new Top 100 App on the 10th April at the Award Ceremony.   The App moves Top 100 and all winning vineyards to the forefront of the digital world.

Designed and custom built by a cutting-edge joint US/SA tech team, it will be interactive, feature live feeds, be linked to Google Maps and is ….FREE to download.  This App will power up winos and consumers to click through to winning vineyard websites, for instant contact and wine purchases!

Available for iOS and Android devices from their respective online stores; one click away!

Jamie Goode shares his thoughts:

On this year’s T100 challenge

‘The Top 100 SA Wine Challenge is now coming of age. The consistently high standard of thoughtful, careful judging, coupled with a smooth back-end logistics set up, is delivering excellent results, and the rising level of entries is really encouraging.’

On Terroir: a sense of place in wine

One of the most interesting concepts in wine is that of terroir. It is a French term which has a number of meanings, and it’s hotly debated in the wine world. In short, it describes the impact on a wine’s flavour of the vineyard site characteristics. This includes the soil type, the local climate, the slope, the direction the vineyard faces, and also other factors such as wind exposure. Together, these factors can alter the way that a wine tastes, imparting a local flavour that is impossible to reproduce elsewhere.

The great example of terroir is in Burgundy, where vineyards just a few hundred metres apart can make wines that sell for prices that differ by a factor of 10 or more. Some vineyard sites are just better than others. And even equally prized sites in Burgundy make wines that experts can often tell apart in blind tastings.

South Africa certainly has terroir, although it has taken quite a while for it to begin to emerge. Gradually, though, winegrowers are beginning to recognize the talents of certain vineyards, and this influences which varieties are planted in certain spots, as well as highlighting particularly special sites. The problem has been that terroir speaks with a quiet voice, and the subtle effects can easily be lost by interventionist or bad winemaking.

It is exciting to see the influence of vineyard soils being recognized here in South Africa. At a Chenin Blanc symposium recently, there was a lot of discussion on how Chenin from granite tasted different from Chenin on schist or sandstone. This may sound geeky, but it’s what makes wine interesting. As yet, we still don’t know exactly how soils influence wine flavour, but it’s clear that they do.

So why is terroir controversial? It’s because it is profoundly undemocratic, in that not all vineyard sites are equal. Some are much better than others. Also it is a French term, and some criticize the French for thinking that their wines are the only ones that have it.

In the future, I predict we’ll see more South African wines where the name of the vineyard, rather than the name of the producer, will feature prominently on the label. 


The Sochi Winter Olympics may have closed on Sunday…but the Top 100 SA Wine Olympics are still open for entries, with judging starting on Monday 17th March.  (No curling teams please!)

With just 8 working days remaining for vineyards to enter their wines into the 2014 Challenge, we felt that a gentle reminder was due.

For more information please visit our website, www.top100sawines.com or contact us on 021 787 9880.

Top 100 SA Wines is happy to announce that wine.co.za will be publishing all the action over the judging week in addition to our in-house SM and digital activity.  Wine.co.za will also publish international judge’s articles on the SA wine scene well as bespoke articles from in-house Editor Shanté Hutton.

Greg Sherwood MW:

On this year’s T100 challenge

‘The global arena of wine competitions has seen massive innovation in 2013. Already in its fourth year, the Top 100 still leads the way.’

On how South Africa retained its crown as the most exciting wine industry globally in 2013

Globalisation is not something that happened in the 1990’s and then suddenly stopped. No, like a slow rising tide, it creeps onwards and upwards, reaching ever new markets, having untold effects on all industries including the wine industry. We are no longer a quaint global village, but a global megacity.  Every year, the world’s wine industries increasingly jockey for position, trying to consolidate current market share while somehow exploring and expanding into new frontiers. Fortunately for South Africa, 2013 was a memorable year for all the right reasons. Official data confirmed that total South African wine exports grew by +11.5% in value and +39.3% in volume between 2012 and 2013 – figures unmatched by any other major wine producing nation.

These figures merely confirmed what most merchants and journalists alike had been saying for some time. South Africa possessed the most dynamic wine industry with the most exciting white and red wines of any New World country. This spectacular progress was achieved in a global arena wracked with declining brand influence and flat lining consumption in many mature markets like Europe. However, the growth in the premium wine category benefited all producing nations, none more so that South Africa. Quite simply, its value and quality offering at all price levels has been unbeatable. The propitious Rand exchange rate played its part but so too has South Africa’s unique selling points (USPs) that are conveniently multiple and difficult to imitate.

We’ve heard the “old world wines with new world fruit” style adage for the past two decades. Now it’s an accepted, subconscious mantra that no longer needs chanting in global markets. South Africa’s cool climate and coastal whites from Elgin and Walker Bay are taking critics breaths away with their freshness, complexity and more latterly, their low alcohols. White ‘Rhone Ranger’ styles made from Marsanne, Roussanne, Grenache Blanc and Viognier from the Swartland and Stellenbosch are wooing the Francophiles.  And what more can be said about Chenin Blanc that has not already been written a hundred times? Only perhaps that South Africa amazingly has the highest percentage of priceless old vine Chenin in the world, leaving the Loire valley trailing behind. Then, to neatly cement the whole white wine proposition together, there are the spectacular white blends being made in a multitude of styles. Red wine quality too, is now rising in all regions and across all varieties, including the Holy Grail variety, Pinot Noir.

If you were a wine journalist and did not visit South Africa in 2013, your credentials would have been seriously questioned. South Africa is THE No.1 destination for 2014, recently confirmed by the New York Times, and tourists want to buy the wines they drank on holiday in their home markets. The virtuous circle has been completed. The challenge now remains for South Africa to stay current, competitive, to plan for leaner times, and keep the global wine journalists suitably impressed. When European harvests eventually bounce back to bountiful life with 2009/2010 type quality, Cape producers will need to have a few new tricks up their sleeve to retain their ascendancy. Until then, drink and enjoy!



Ultra Liquors and Top 100 SA Wines are pleased to announce a sales facing joint venture collaboration.

ULTRA LIQUORS, the leading independent liquor retailer and wine specialist, are very pleased to announce an active and supporting interest in this year’s 2014 Top 100 SA Wine Challenge.

‘All winning wines that suit the profile of our wine category will be considered for an initial listing in one or two of our key flag bearer stores.’  Wine GM Mark Norrish added:  ‘If sales go well then these new listings may  also ultimately gain entry into the successful  e and hard copy wine catalogue promotion offers,  with a print run of 800,000 copies.  Existing listed Top 100 winning wines automatically enjoy this privilege which provides an extensive and extended sales opportunity.’

Ren Bootha, logistics manager at Top 100 commented:  ‘This is really pleasing and should delight wineries. Sales are what matter at the end of the day and Ultra are canny mainstream operators. We are very pleased to be able to share this good news.

Robin von Holdt noted:  ‘We love working with aligned businesses, leaders who demonstrably aid the brands and sales of Top 100 winning vineyards.  This is what Mark and the Ultra team will bring.’

‘We are nationally recognised for looking after our customers wine needs.’  Mark Norrish concluded:  ‘Ultra  similarly recognise the rigour of the selection process applied by the Top 100 Challenge judges.  We are more than happy to pass this knowledge and benefit on to our customers. The only proviso is that winning wines must display the Top 100 winning wines bottle sticker.’


Final notice: Early Bird entries ENDING THIS  SUNDAY 9th February

Entries are streaming in with a positive flow of new ones, first time entrants from highly regarded vineyards together with highly valued repeat entries.   The team is very happy with the marked and positive progress.  Being both  a more mature competition (year four) and one with a unique and strong market facing agenda, as well as ending the  costly book allocations, are all key and positive contributory factors.

Please note that to qualify for the Early Bird discount rates, entries need to be both fully completed, and paid for, by Sunday 9th Feb.

For additional information kindly contact Ren, info@top100sawines.com or 021 787 9880


The 2014 Top 100 SA Wine Challenge has now opened for entries.

Entries are open until 7th March. A top quality panel of MW led international and local judges, will again be chaired by international wine expert Tim Atkin MW.  The judging will take place between 17th to 21st March.  There will be a vineyard feedback session on Wednesday 19th March in Stellenbosch.  The award ceremony and celebration will again be held at Rodwell House, St James, on 10th April.  Results will be made public on 11th April.

A social media promotion will shortly commence, with prior Top 100 winning wines as prizes.

2013 was an exceptionally successful year for Top 100.  Record entries were received into the 2013 Challenge; the first T100 promotion stand at Prowein was a thrilling success with massive footfall and interest in the fine wines represented. Then multiple UK events attracted key interest with a number of introductions and transactions resulting.  Finally the Hong Kong IW&S show was another first, with strong vineyard support.  The third annual Wine List Challenge in November also attracted record entries.  The team of full-time logistics, data and finance professionals has also expanded, requiring larger office space.

2014 is another year set for growth and key market penetration.  The partnership strategy between winning vineyards and Top 100 continues to grow. Generous suggestions and useful feedback was received from a number of influential vineyards, all of which helped to crystallise actions and improvements to the Top 100 marketing strategy.  As a result a number of changes, some major and others subtle, will occur in 2014.

The hard copy Top 100 guidebook, having served a very useful purpose, will be replaced in its entirety by the eBook.  This approach will help to reduce costs associated with book allocations, a big gain for vineyards.  The eBook will be distributed free to around 25 000+ fans and consumers worldwide.  This takes it to the forefront world-wide of wine books by distribution volume.  This massive increase in exposure will be excellent for winning vineyards. The ‘Vineyard Consistency Awards’ have been very successful.  This is, after all, what most fine wine consumers seek.  This year, a ‘Wine Consistency Award’ will also be recognised and awarded.  The unique Top 100 information and systems strategy, will facilitate  the use of winning wine data going all the way back to 2011.  Thus a full three years of historical Awards will be recognised, together with the upcoming 2014 Awards.   The starting position will therefore be based on a complete four-year view, enhancing the objectivity, relevance and prestige  for winning wines.   This feature is likely to become a highly desirable and key aid for individual wine sales.  Best Value Awards will not appear this year but 2015 will in all likelihood see the introduction of an upgraded approach.

Google stats support the digital promotion strategy managed so effectively by Top 100, signifying further investment and focus in this strategic area.

The DES (digital entry system) has had further custom modifications, making entries even easier than before. Both Early Bird and Loyalty discount fees remain in place, there to reward faster acting vineyards.

For further useful information on key topics we invite you to click on the links below:

Further communication updates will follow.

For members of the press seeking detailed information or inside-track first-hand information and experiences, please contact Lauren Peterson on 021 787 9880 / data@top100sawines.com



The Top 100 SA Wine List Award winners for 2014 have been revealed.  The eagerly awaited and hotly contested results are listed below.   This follows a celebratory awards’ event held at Rodwell House, St James.

Jörg Pfützner, Challenge Chair quoted: “Tremendous to see new entrants again this Challenge.  Now in its third successful year, the 100 point scoring protocols are fully effective.  The rigour and the methodology ensure those restaurants who make a sincere effort, are recognised and rewarded.  That’s as fair as it gets.”

Added Founder Judge Higgo Jacobs: “Always pleasing to have repeat entrants who value our professional and objective approach to awards.  The three tiers of awards, Inspirational, Outstanding and Highly regarded, reflect each restaurants own value proposition to its own customers.  The fit is smart and commercial.”

Dax Villanueva noted.  “Consumers can rely fully on the accuracy and the value of the awards granted.  Top 100 Wine List Awards ensure a truly enhanced dining experience and the Special Awards provide for really world class memories. We have plans and aim to grow entries as well as the brand power for next year.  Watch this space.”

First-time judge Joanne Gibson shared: “My first year judging has been really positive.  Clearly there is in place smart technology and digital systems to aid the objectivity and accuracy of what is often considered to be a very subjective area.  Judges are free to add professional views and make recommendations, but the underlying protocols, procedures and audit make for bullet proof results.”

Top 100’s Robin von Holdt recorded: “There were more entries this year, up again on 2013.  Almost 70 fine establishments entered representing the majority of finer SA restaurants so the quality was very high indeed. The judges were even harder this year though…with just 30 restaurants being awarded!    Achieving any Top 100 award is never easy.  That is why we hold the high ground and why the awards command respect.”

The Top 100 brand is set to continue its growth in wine related promotion activity. Winning restaurants will gain entry into the Top 100 2014/15 ebook edition along with the Top 100 SA Wines 2014.   There are already a number of promotional events planned throughout SA and abroad for 2014.

Alphabetical order of winning restaurants, by category:

Unique Awards

  • Restaurant Mosaic – Best Overall SA Wine List Award 2014
  • Mondrian Restaurant @ De Stijl Hotel  – Most Innovative Selection Award 2014
  • Five Hundred at the Saxon – Best International Selection Award 2014
  • Bushmanskloof Wilderness Reserve & Wellness Retreat – Best Regional Selection Award 2014
  • Zachary’s Restaurant – Most Improved Award 2014
  • Budmarsh Country Hotel – Best Value Award 2014

Fine Dining (long wine list)

Inspirational (90+%):

  • Aubergine Restaurant
  • Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve and Wellness Retreat
  • Five Hundred at The Saxon
  • Restaurant Mosaic
  • Zachary’s Restaurant

 Outstanding (60+% – 90%):

  • Azure Restaurant
  • Browns Restaurant
  • Budmarsh Country Lodge
  • Café del Sol
  • De Oude Kraal Country Estate & Spa
  • Karibu Restaurant
  • The Cellars-Hohenort Hotel
  • The Grill Room at the Oyster Box Hotel
  • The Big Easy Restaurant & Wine Bar

Highly Regarded (50+% – 60%):

  • DW Eleven – 13
  • Hemingway’s Restaurant and Wine Cellar
  • Kong Restaurant
  • Orient Restaurant
  • Thomas Maxwell Bistro
  • Umngazi River Bungalows & Spa

Relaxed Dining (short wine list)

Inspirational (90+%):

  • Hartford House

Outstanding (60+% – 90%):

  • Mondrian Restaurant @ De Stijl Hotel
  • Su Casa @ Surval
  • Zinzi Restaurant

Highly Regarded (50+% – 60%)

  • Red Rabbit French Grill
  • Three Trees at Spioenkop
  • The Bull Run Restaurant
  • The Girls Restaurant

Ken Fargher from  Budmarsh: – ‘We are truly thrilled at winning an Outstanding Fine Dining / Long Wine List Award, and also being named as overall Best Value Wine List in SA.  All the more exciting, given our establishments distance from the wine lands in the Cape. It just goes to show that with the right attitude, anything is possible.’

Michel Bouic from Bushmanskloof Wilderness Reserve and Wellness Retreat: – ‘To have this year won an Inspiration Fine Dining / Long Wine List Award and also the Best Regional Selection Special Award is a phenomenal achievement for us.  We are known for our fine service and brilliant array of wines on our list and these awards make the team terrifically proud.’

Robert Veldman from Mondrian Restaurant: – ‘We are truly happy to have been recognised for an Outstanding Award for the Relaxed Dining / Short Wine List we entered.  In addition, to being rated as the Most Innovative Wine List in SA is a brilliant confirmation of our efforts.  We are very proud winners today!’

Germain Lehody from restaurant Mosaic: – ‘We are delighted, indeed thrilled, to have again been named overall winner of the Top 100 SA Wine List Awards – Fine Dining / Long Wine List.  This vindicates our investment in staff training and in cellaring our vast array of finest wines.  The team are absolutely ecstatic.’

Jackie Cameron from Hartford House: – ‘Hartford House is again very proud to receive the top award in the ‘relaxed dining” category for the second year in a row. We are so glad to be a part of this prestigious award and look forward to entering again next year.’

Gareth Ferreira from Five Hundred: – ‘Five Hundred restaurant delivers exceptional quality in all that we do and are overjoyed to add these two new awards to our list of previous achievements. We strive to provide the highest quality wines from all over the world for our patrons to enjoy, thus we are proud to accept the award for “Best International Selection” along with the “Inspirational” Award in the Fine wine list category.’


The Top 100  promotions team has returned from Hong Kong after a massively busy three days at the International Wine & Spirits Fair.

The Top 100 stand was in a great position and the high impact design of the stand certainly made for an outstanding effect. Ren was joined on the stand by Janine & Johnna from Aaldering; Thys from Quoin Rock and Tracy and team from Saronsberg. This made for a very busy, energetic and high quality team. Thank you to the above mentioned, as the team effort helped make the success!

The word was that, in general, the number of total visitors was down from previous years. The Top 100 stand however had the ‘pull factor’ to stay consistently busy over the entire 3 days.  Many visitors were keen to taste the entire range of wines while others were more focussed in their attention.  A number of buyers simply had price points for a set wine type and their sole interest lay in finding these at, or lower than, their pre-set prices.

The wines all showed beautifully and the feedback was emphatic in its consistent view on the high quality of the wines, the excellent range and the powerful ‘pull factor’ of Top 100. It was especially notable that the stand and wines was revisited numerous times by local restaurant and wine shop owners/managers, bringing colleagues along to experience the fine wines on the stand.

It is absolutely clear that building and promoting ones brand to the point of greater consumer awareness is key, and will be achieved through consistently being visible, being accessible to taste and purchase.  This was a key opportunity and other polished events could also be embraced to ensure the footprint extends and transactions increase.


Best regards

The Top 100 Team




The Top 100 SA Wine List Awards team is thrilled to announce that the Top 100 SA Wine List Challenge 2014 is now open for entries.  This is timed once again to be both convenient and commercially astute for restaurants.  Convenient, as most lists will have recently been updated, to coincide with the upcoming holiday season, and commercial, as winning restaurants will be promoted and featured from December 2013 to October 2014.

SASA is again pleased to endorse the Top 100 Challenge given the quality of judges and pedigree of judging protocol.

This year there are again two categories to enter. Establishments may select either of:

Fine dining / long wine lists


Relaxed dining / short wine lists

There are three categories, or status, of award, to be won for each of the above: These are Inspirational, Outstanding or Highly Regarded.

There are also six additional Unique Awards to be earned.  These are:

Most Improved (for previous entrants); Best Regional Selection (focus on area, cultivar or something unique); Most Innovative Selection (unusual, creative, flair);  Best International Selection, Best Value (there may be more than one) as well as Best Overall wine list.

As before, the 100 point scoring system will be applied.  An outstanding high quality panel of judges will again assess all entries starting on November.  Judges include:

Jörg Pfützner                                     – Chairman/judge

Higgo Jacobs                                     – Founder Judge

Dax Villanueva                                   – Judge

Joanne Gibson                                   – Judge


For more information, contact us on 021 787 9880 or info@top100sawines.com



The Top 100 promotions team, comprising of Robin & Ren, spent the last weekend in the wealthy town of Harrogate, UK, promoting participating wines at the Three Wine Men event.

We had two very full and busy sessions on Saturday and one session on the Sunday. The event is focused on the consumers, local commentators and press, with visitors of all levels of wine knowledge tasting the wines at the table. It is worth mentioning the high number of visitors coming to the event, to focus on learning as much as possible, especially from the countries that they’re not very familiar with.   A lot of them are keen to buy wines or ascertain where they can buy the wines from.  Top 100 stand visitors were constantly impressed by the brand and quality of the fine wines showcased.

Harrogate is a town in North Yorkshire, well-known for its springs and was known as ‘The English Spa’ in the 16th century. Currently Harrogate has a very strong economy with the Harrogate International Centre being the third largest conference and exhibition centre in the UK. The centre brings 350 000+ visitors to the area annually. Harrogate and surrounds is certainly a high income area with a wealthy history spanning a few centuries. Thus, to be expected, arrived well-heeled customers.

Tim, Oz and Olly were around to interact with the visitors.  They worked our stand and enticed visits, talking up all the wines at every opportunity.  They also mentioned the Top 100 stand and the wines on display during the numerous Master Classes held each day, using Top 100 and the wines on display as examples.

To quote from the report just received from Three Wine Men: The consensus of opinion seemed to be that the visitors were on the whole discerning wine and food lovers who were genuinely interested in sampling and buying, which is just what we want.’

Apart from promoting the fine wines on the Top 100 stand, the team used this opportunity to create and build relationships with wine retailers and buyers in the north of England that exhibited in Harrogate or else who attended the event.  A number of the Top 100 wines on the stand received very positive and focused attention from these exhibitors and key attendees.

The participating wines:

  • Botanica Chenin Blanc 2011
  • Cederberg Ghost Corner Sauvignon Blanc 2012
  • Cederberg Cabernet Sauvignon 2010
  • Claime d’Or Cabernet Franc 2009
  • Claime d’Or Chardonnay 2012
  • Eenzaamheid Chenin Blanc 2012
  • Glenelly Grand Vin de Glenelly 2008
  • Glenelly Lady May 2010
  • Groot Constantia Gouverneurs Reserve 2010
  • Morgenster 2001
  • Overgaauw Merlot 2010
  • Warwick Trilogy 2010


Best regards

The Top 100 Team


Tuesday was massively busy, a very full day on the Top 100 South African wine stand in London.  As the doors opened at 10h30 sharp, the on and off trades, and press, marched in in droves.  What was again apparent this year was that a fair number of visitors knew what they were looking for and they had bloodhound attention and focus.  Others were more generally inclined.  As ever there were representatives of companies big and small, old and new.

Clearly the wine trade is growing.  We spoke again to a number of new businesses as well as to old standard bearers.  There is a recognition of course that times have been very hard and they certainly remain tough.  However the industry is progressive and clearly aiming for and working assertively for growth. A number of individual companies are reporting record growth and sound profits.

The Top 100 stand was very busy with a stream of attendees some with real commercial interest and others sampling in a more reserved fashion.  A large number of enquires of different natures were taken.  For the first time this year a plethora of Asian buyers were in attendance.  Interestingly a number of MW students also expressed real interest in SA wines.  Knowledge levels varied from expert to lay, perhaps to be expected.

There have been a number of enquiries that are being followed up on.  Where these become tangible they will be fed to relevant vineyards.  Worth noting, is that a number of professionals were not going to quickly share their details with any stand delegates; they were there to learn, form a view, and upon later review, presumably then implement their decisions.

This event again proved to be of sound value. It is one to be seen at and it is very useful for relationships both new and old.  It is crucial that one’s wines and brands are seen at this and similarly regarded events with consistency.  It was a very smart, well organised and key day.  It was  attended both by highly regarded known names, as well as newcomers.  Clearly there remains quality buying power in London and to catch, as well as maintain attention, such physical wine presence is mandatory.

The wines on the stand:

  • Botanica Chenin Blanc 2011
  • Cederberg Ghost Corner Sauvignon Blanc 2012
  • Cederberg Cabernet Sauvignon 2010
  • Claime d’Or Cabernet Franc 2009
  • Claime d’Or Chardonnay 2012
  • Eenzaamheid Chenin Blanc 2012
  • Groot Constantia Gouverneurs Reserve Red 2010
  • Morgenster 2001
  • Overgaauw Merlot 2010
  • Stellenbosch Vineyards Credo Chenin Blanc 2010
  • Stellenbosch Vineyards Credo SMV 2010
  • Warwick Trilogy 2010

Best regards

Top 100 SA wines team




We are thrilled this year to once again announce Top 100 SA Wines’ participation at Prowein 2014. Showcasing some of South Africa’s finest wines at the world’s leading trade event on the powerful Top 100 SA Wines stand. Prowein attracts 50 000 + key delegates over three very full days.

Top 100 SA Wines has secured fantastic stand space to ensure these wines will easily be found by key buyers. Riveting stand design custom built by a premier German agency.

  • 2013 was a huge success
  • T100 ProWein 2014 better!
  • Leverage the ‘pull factor’ brand
  • Personal appointments & meetings
  • Key footfall those seeking best wines
  • Man the stand and sell your wine too
  • Save: Outsource to the fine wine team
  • Keen pricing; given the Rand meltdown

A few points from our report after our inaugural Prowein last year:

This event held in Germany was an incredibly successful investment.  Without a doubt the prestige, foot traffic and quality introductions were at the highest possible level.  The Top 100 SA Wine stand was busy for 8 hours each day and a large volume of commercial enquiries were dealt with.  Feedback from key wine buyers around the world who visited the stand was extremely positive.

The stand gained large foot fall with a number of buyers seeking details of SA vineyards and wineries in order to extend contact as well as to make purchasing or representation arrangements.  In reality a number of the world’s key buyers and buying companies were included.

Key visitors, trade buyers and international press who visited the Top 100 stand came from a variety of important countries.  About 50% of them came from Germany.  This is to be expected given that Germany hosts the event annually.  The other 50% came from USA, Canada, China, Russia, Japan, Holland, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Argentina, and so on.  This is extremely important as these key countries expect to find fine South African wines to be presented at this world renowned trade event in Germany.

SAWIS statistics as at 16 August 2013 quote an increased German consumption from 79.8 million litres of SA Wine to year ending July 2012, to 86.9 million litres for the year ending July 2013.  This represents an additional 7.1 million litres of SA wine being consumed and this current and increasing trend is set to continue.  The value of this is estimated at about R290 million.

The success of this year’s Prowein for Top 100 vineyards attendance is thus a major benefit to SA wine exports to this key geography.  Further gains are likely as exports remain positive and growing.

For more information, contact us on 021 787 9880 / info@top100sawines.co.za